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Have you heard of Cuppow yet? If you haven’t then let me rock your world. Cuppow is a small business with the ingenious idea of creating lids for mason jars to make liquids and snacks more easily transportable. I first heard of this when I was back home visiting with my girlfriends. The conversation went like this:

Friend 1: “Have you heard of this thing called C u p p ooww yet?” (a little hesitation and uncertainty in the pronounciation).
Friend 2: “Oh my gosh yes! It is the neatest! I want one so bad!”
Friend 3: “No I haven’t .. what is it?”
Friend 1: “Well it’s this lid that you put on top of your mason jar so you can drink out of it, but through a lid. I want one so I can take it with me places without spilling everywhere.”
Friends 3 & 4: “Oh that is really neat”

Where was I in this conversation? Sitting back, listening, making mental notes to look this product up immediately, and devising a plan to get one when I returned home. Luckily for me, when I got home I had a message waiting for me from the team behind Cuppow asking me if I’d like to sample their product.
Um, yes.

I promptly got the products in the mail and spent about 2 juices and one snack-on-the-go to realize that I was in love. I feel very strongly about being completely honest at all times–and in fact I’d argue that is one of my biggest flaws–and so I never promote something I don’t believe in. This, my friends, I believe in.

You know what’s really special about this product? The people behind it. I was in love with the product out of pure product-lust, admiring the way it made my juice challenge easy and the way it made snacking on the go a stress-free part of my very busy days. Then I asked Cuppow if they’d be open to an interview with me so I could write about their product here. The immediate response was “YES” and “how about some more samples for a giveaway?” making me fall just a little bit more for this company.

Before the interview I did a little bit of research, just to see exactly what I was getting into. This product is so spectacular and has such an aesthetic appeal in the advertising sense that I felt like it was probably a pretty neat story on how it went from an idea to major company within a few years. It seemed appropriate, like the new American Dream and something I could stand behind. What I hadn’t expected to hear was that it actually started in January 2012.

I spoke with Greg, a member of the Cuppow team, and when Greg said “January 2012” I repeated him, just to be sure. “January 2010? Great ..” He repeated himself, just to be clear. “January 2012.” I paused, unsure if it was really possible that this product has existed for less than two years.

I mean, mason jars have been around for ages and juicing for years, wouldn’t you think this product already existed? 

And that was exactly the thought that came from Joshua and his wife, Christine, as they were chugging their juices. Christine had been making homemade Kimchi to sell at markets in Massachusettes and so, naturally, had loads of mason jars on hand at any given moment. Joshua would use them to take his drinks along with him on his way to work. However, as you may know if you’ve ever tried this yourself, mason jars do not fit in a cup holder and the wide mouth makes them prime spilling cups more than sipping cups. Christine finally said she’d had enough of the spillage in the car and so they decided to find something online to prevent this.

However, when they searched and searched they found nothing. Naturally, they called up their mechanical engineering friend, Aaron, and asked if this was a feasible design. “Of course!” was his response. And then Cuppow was born. They ordered a sample batch–of a testable size of 500 lids–just to see how it worked. With all the extra lids they decided to sell them, just to see what happened. They hoped they could be rid of them at least by the end of the year. Instead, they sold out within hours. Obviously they were onto something.

The thing that stood out to me the most was really the sense that this company is a self-made company. No outside money was used and so they get to decide the direction of the company and feel out what they want as they go. Now, the Cuppow team consists of Joshua and Aaron, the original founders, and Greg, whom they brought along about a year into the production. What’s really incredible is that they aren’t even really in an “office”, per se. They function out of a shared work space and meet a couple times a week to check in, brainstorm, and grow.

To me, that screams efficiency. 

Because this is a team of three … yes, 3 … they are able to really manipulate the direction of the product and make sure that it is something they believe in. As a result, this product is:

  • American made. creating jobs in the US and keeping everything local
  • Environmentally friendly. recycled and long term efficiency
  • Family friendly. BPA, BPS and phthalates  free 
  • Charitable. Each colored lid represent a different charity, hand chosen by the team
I mean … come on!

This all seems a little incredible to me and it seems that I’m not the only one that has fallen in love with Cuppow; check out the online sensation that is building by the minute.

And now, YOU have the chance to sample their products as well! In this giveaway I am so excited for you to try out two Cuppow lids (a wide mouth and a regular mouth) and a BNTO cup (great for snacking). You can enter in the little gadget below, and share with your friends if you think they’d like a try, as well! GOOD LUCK!


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  1. Green smoothies, banana ice-cream, nut butters, avocado and cacao mousse, sweet potato and cacao mousse, rainbow salads, soups, pretty instagram pictures :). Ashlea Minicozzi

  2. I am really craving to try one as they are NOT available in Europe! I know it sounds slightly mad, but I would actually love to take some raw soup around with me!

  3. I just started up with teas again now that it's getting colder so I would probably use it on one of my herbal teas. But also on green juices and smoothies.

    It's such a great green product, I've known about the cuppow for a while but never got around to getting them, I love the idea of the BNTO cup great for travel food or lunch boxes.

    I love the blog, thanks for this great give away.

  4. Yes it's perfect for tea as well!! I can make the home brewing on-the-go a lot easier. If you want hot tea you can just cut the end off of a tube sock and slide it onto the mug to protect your hands!! I love Cuppow so much haha

  5. I have needed to get these for so long!! I have a pretty rough commute and that makes me miss breakfast or not pack a lunch. With these I could have things quick and easy to go like smoothies, salads, veggies and dip… it goes on and on! And all while being environmentally-friendly. Gotta love it! 🙂

  6. Awesome info!!! LOVE the sippy cup for mommy, since there are too many spills in our lives (2 adults, 3 kids and a dog)… smoothies, tea and juices especially… love the BNTO too!! How cool! perfect for hummus and veggies, salad in a jar, etc…

  7. haha I feel the same way, anything that can potentially go in a jar automatically seems like a meal option because of Cuppow! I know that the team members at Cuppow love using their lids for iced coffee on the go, it's a fantastic idea

  8. I LOVE Cuppow. Ironically, I have bought them for others as gifts since they launched but only recently bought one for myself. I got the sippy lid for the wide mouth and use it for my morning green juice and I also have the little cup thing and use that for yogurt and put my fruit and granola in the base!!

  9. OMG I hope I win, I've been eyeing these forever! I would use it for snacks like hummus to take to work, or apples and peanut butter, really, everything!