Baby oh baby

As per the words of one particular friend, there is a sick obsession on the rise. It is not the devotee that watches her favorite show, religiously, for fear of being banned to the Inferno if she misses one hour. Nor is it the latest fatal attraction between two lovers that are just plain bad for each other. Nope. It is one man. A man that is nearly my father’s age (or, gasp, even older!) and a man that could win me–and countless other young women–over in the blink of an eye.

Enter: Steve Madden.

Fashion has never been my strongest suit, and as I put it with another friend, recently, I often times just seem to get by as “cute” without ever realizing it. But I truly believe that within every young woman there is a part of her soul that knows a good shoe. And my soul is on fire whenever I step into a Steve Madden (virtual) shop.

I’m still not over the boot, though LA weather may disagree. And luckily for you, Steve Madden also disagrees. Check out the ridiculous sale that’s going on now.

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