These are my top reasons why I love life:

1) Every morning I can wake up and do whatever the fuck I want. Yup.
2) Coffee.
3) Discovering variations of said coffee.
4) Grocery shopping is nature’s way of spoiling me.
5) Chia seeds.
6) Pillow-top mattresses.
7) The more I know the more I realize I don’t know anything at all.
8) Flowers.
9) Jewish holidays and the peace of LA that ensues.
10) Nature. Have you ever seen the ocean, the mountains, and downtown LA all in one gaze? Pretty amazing.
11) My body is capable of many impressive things.
12) So is my mind.
13) Memories.
14) Really funny things.
15) Kid Cudi.
16) Cacoa.
17) My Blendtec.
18) Cuddling.
19) Pre- or post-cuddle activities.
20) I am.

And if I can accomplish any variation of those activities in one single day, then it’s a good day. In fact, why don’t I make a routine of it?

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