While I was hanging out in the beauty section of my local health food store one afternoon–as I usually find myself doing on random afternoons–I saw this tub of calcium bentonite clay powder.

I immediately snatched it up, walked straight to the checkout line, went home, and started creating the simple yet powerful concoction that is the homemade-clay-masque. I live in Miami and it can be dreadfully humid here. My skin hates it, my clothes hate it, my hair hates it .. it’s dreadful. So my skin–being a California girl–is not accustomed to this extra moisture in the air. This clay masque was so refreshing on my skin that I nearly collapsed on my couch once it was done out of pure relief!

It’s really simple and I usually wear one when I have the house to myself as a sort of pampering-girls-only night.

Bentonite Clay Masque
1 t Aztec bentonite clay powder
1 t raw Apple Cider vinegar
1 t water
Mix everything in a small bowl and then spread across your face. It is so refreshing and dries fairly quickly. When it begins to dry your face pulsates. It’s incredible.
Once it’s completely dry take a warm and wet washcloth and cover your face. Let it dampen the masque for a moment before you begin wiping it off. Your skin may turn a little red but it will calm down shortly after.
My skin was so smooth and soft and glowy afterward. Give it a try!

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