fresh face tonic
Have you ever noticed that after you spend a day in the ocean your face is just glowing? When I first moved to Miami I begged my SO to take me to the beach every weekend so I could get my glow on as much as possible. After being here a few years and realizing that Miami is not actually on or near the beach I decided to bring the ocean to my bathroom, instead.
I drew inspiration from Wellness Mama and I’m so excited to be able to do this, myself. I had all of these ingredients, already, so I didn’t need to make any special purchases. I think that if you have any essential oil that could be used here (tea tree, eucalyptus, etc..) then you can swap it out easily. I just love lavender and use my lavender essential oil as a perfume and flavor/fragrance any chance I get.
Fresh Face Tonic:
a recipe
1 T epsom salt
1 T sea salt
5 drops essential oil
1 cup water, boiled
Combine the first three ingredients in a small jar. Boil the water. Pour the boiling water into the jar and then close the lid (carefully!! it is very hot!). With a towel, grab the jar and give it a fe good shakes. Let the mixture sit and marinate until the water is cool. Once it is cool, transfer it to a spray bottle.
To Use:
After gently washing your face, spray the tonic on your face and let it sit for a few minutes. You can leave it on if you’d like, but I then rinse my face with water. Then I wipe with Witch Hazel and dab some plant based Squalane on my skin.
What do you think?? What’s your favorite homemade beauty product??

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