DIY shower steamer tablets

Sometimes aromatherapy is just what we need at the end of the day for stress relief and to feel more relaxed. For those times when you can’t draw a bath, or if you do not like baths, you can still get the luxurious aroma while in the shower!

I found a super easy way to make a shower experience more relaxing, by using shower steamer tablets. 

Oooh, I am so happy that I stumbled upon a recipe to make a DIY shower steamer. 

It’s perfect for me living in a city loft, where I don’t have access to a bathtub. Instead, I pop one of these shower steamer tablets into my shower and unwind from the day.

What are shower steamer tablets?

Shower tablets are similar to a bath bomb, but it has a higher essential oil content. It isn’t a good idea to expose your skin to high concentrations of essential oils, it can cause a bad reaction. That’s why a shower steamer is only used in the shower, the essential oils do not make contact with your skin, and it evaporates into the air.

It is also way smaller than a bath bomb. I would say one bath bomb quals two shower steamers.

How do shower steamers work?

The shower tablet is placed on the shower floor, under the shower stream. It becomes activated once water hits it. It bubbles a little that’s why it is also called a shower fizzy.

Because of the high concentration of pure essential oil in the tablet, the aroma is diffused in the shower steam. It is another great way to experience the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy essential oils.

What are the different kinds of essential oils that you can use to make a shower steamer?

The short answer is you can use any essential oil that you have. It would depend on what fragrance you would like or the therapeutic benefits you need from essential oils.

Shower steamers

DIY Shower Steamers

It is super easy to make a shower steamer! I was surprised that I had the ingredients in my pantry. All you need are a couple of natural ingredients like citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil, and your favorite essential oil.

My Shower Steamer Recipe



  • Mix everything together well and then pour into the mold.
  • Let the mold sit until it hardens.
  • Remove from molds and place on the floor of your shower when you're ready for a steamy relaxing shower.

It is important to add the rubbing alcohol a little at a time and mix it really well. Sometimes, when you add the alcohol all at once it makes the mixture bubble and it doesn’t hold its shape. If this happens, add some cornstarch until the mixture comes together and holds its shape. 

It is a really simple recipe and you can easily make shower steamers in an afternoon. I was able to exert some self-control and let the tablets dry overnight! 

For the ones that I give to my friends and family, I let those dry for at least 24 hours. 

Well, I hope you’ll try to make your own shower steamer and have a relaxing shower experience!!!

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