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I love fruit. It’s amazing. One of the first things I noticed to change, as far as my personal preference, after I went raw was that fruit just tasted so. much. better. It’s true. It was juicier, sweeter, fuller, and more filling. It is completely satisfying and energizing. It also digests so quickly that it speeds up my metabolism
One of the most painful things I hear is that fruit is evil. Evil!! How could something so beautiful be evil?? The sugar content and the carb count seem to be the offenders, but still, I just don’t see how fruit could be worse than a protein powder, or a pasta, or a burger, or whatever! Fruit is nature’s perfect food source. It has the perfect balance of macronutrients with 10% of its calories coming from protein, 10% coming from fat, and 80% coming from carbohydrates. And as much as this makes people cringe … for whatever reason … this really is an optimal package of balanced macronutrients. 
There is a sub-category of raw foodists that adhere to this ratio, strictly. They call themselves low fat, high carb fruitarians (check out the “Banana Girl” for a real life advocate, or Fully Raw Kristina), 801010ers (after the ratio), or lfrv for low fat raw vegan. I tried this out for a bit but I wasn’t a fan for my body. My teeth became incredibly sensitive and I was dizzy all the time. I love fat. I thrive on fat. I eat about 60-70 grams of fat a day–which is admittedly high–but I’d still say it’s within a healthy range. The lower my fat content, the grumpier I become. And more exhausted.
True story.

This experience did not change my love for fruit, though. I am still a huge advocate and I will always support natural foods over unnatural ones, and fruit is no exception. The important thing about fruit, no matter what your dietary beliefs, is that you find what works for you. For example, when I eat a large bowl of grapes in the afternoon then I will likely be bloated the rest of the day (a powerful lesson in proper food combining). But when I eat a bowl of fruit like this, below, in the morning on an empty stomach my mood and energy levels are happy throughout the entire day.
Happy, happy fruit bowl:
the ingredients
1/2 large papaya
1 cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries, sliced
1 lime, juiced
Scoop out the meat from the papaya and then chop up with a knife into bite sized pieces. Combine with everything, being sure to toss the fruit to coat with the lime juice. It is important not to skip the lime in this case. Papaya is funky without the lime.

So good. It makes me so happy. Enjoy!

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  1. I follow the 80-10-10 and doing well on it. I actually have a problem when I eat too much fat, like avocados. I get whiteheads and feel vey low on energy. Maybe we truly are all different?

  2. How interesting! I really enjoy the 801010 diet and perspective a lot but if I do it for too long then my energy levels just do not last. I still make some meals with the 801010 principles in mind .. I love it so much, I always come back to it!

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