One of the greatest aspects of yoga is that is slows us down and limits our focus on the here and now. We could still try and try to focus on other things that come up in life but when that happens we lose focus on the poses. When we lose focus on our pose we tend to fall out of them, collapsing into a sloppy mess. That rarely makes for a fun yoga session and so what usually ends up happening is our focus is regained and we are once again centered on our mats.

After time this really becomes transformative. While in the beginning it can often be a battle between you and your ligaments, it can really become an exercise that extends beyond the mat. We may begin to notice our growth, notice our extra inch of flexibility, notice our extra peace throughout the day, notice our expanded patience … as our awareness of our growth expands so does our potential. It is at that sweet spot that yoga really comes alive!

During these times it is almost inevitable for a budding yogi to realize his or her connection to others. We are all connected and there is no denying it. If we try then we can find a way to take a step outside of the world and look down on ourselves to only realize we are all a part of a very complex and very large system. It is when we take this perspective that we are really able to see our role in our lives and our roles in others’ lives.

So how does this then influence our yoga practice? Realizing that we are connected to the universe, in a way, unleashes this whole other dimension of possibility. We are just beings living in the vast expanse, and we are very grateful for such an opportunity! So it is time that we begin to use this universe to our advantage and re-harness its power.

The full moon has a funky way of affecting our moods and it sort of intensifies our moods and experiences. When the moon is full it is positioned in such a way that the light from the sun can shine brightly upon it, thus being fully revealed to us. This exact position affects the gravitational pulls of the moon as well as the sun and the earth. These gravitational pulls react in a way that weigh heavy on us, literally, and so it is best to become very relaxed and connected with loved ones during this time. Farmers know that the Full Moon is a great time for growth because there is an incredible energetic flow of life and potential. The same can be said about us. During this time try to focus on and practice things that you want to multiply. For example, if you are working hard to eliminate stress and anxiety then try relaxing and turning off all electronics during the Full Moon. This will be magnified tenfold for the upcoming month and serenity will be a lot easier to attain.

The New Moon, on the other hand, provides a rooting experience for us. This is a great time for planting and rooting as the gravitational pull lures us into a deep connection with the Earth. During this time it is common to feel calm and grounded and disinterested in physical exertion. This is a great time to listen to the body and once again focus on relaxation.

Check out Ashtanga Yoga Center for their input on the moon cycles and your yoga practice. This upcoming Thursday, April 25, 2013 is a Full Moon so find your center and make sure you take full advantage of what this Earth has to offer you!

be well


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