So I somehow stumbled upon this neat system by PunchTab and I couldn’t help but feel a little skeptical. It is a website that helps bloggers, like myself, host giveaways … which is fantastic and FREE. The sketchy part is that it also offers a reward system for readers where you can accumulate points and once you reach a certain goal you can earn gift cards. For free. Free for me and free for you.

Say what?!

I couldn’t believe it so I started looking around and it seemed to be true. So … good news for YOU is that I’ve installed it on my website which means that you can earn gift cards for doing nothing but visiting my page and commenting, just like you already do!

Here’s the deal:
  • You will notice a banner at the bottom of the blog. You can easily sign up to be a part of this rewards system here. Then it will just log your activity on my page and count your points.
  • You will notice a teeny tiny little red flag at the bottom of my posts. This means that you have an opportunity to earn more points on that particular post.
  • Every comment, share, like, visit .. anything you do that involves this blog will earn you points!
  • The rewards catalog allows you to choose which reward you receive.
  • That’s it!
Do you HAVE to participate? Absolutely not. But I love you guys so much and there is no way I can afford to do all the things I want to do for you (yet!) so in the meantime I figured I’d do what I could to offer you something that’s FREE for both of us.
I can’t get over how cool this is! What are your thoughts?? Do you think you will participate? (and btw, no need to participate in THAT in order to participate on HERE won’t track you unless you sign up so feel free to continue doing what you’re doing, either way)

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