Having a 9-5 job really put a cramp on my free spirited style. I loved being a student because it was challenging in so many ways. The schedules varied each semester, you met new people, and you had lots of freedom to explore new jobs and pastimes, alike.

Now, while incredibly grateful for this opportunity in this state of the economy, I move significantly less than ever before in my life. The most noticeable difference is in my hip flexibility. I can hardly do anything that requires hip movement … it feels like I have stones where my hip joints should be.

Besides the fact that this is a not-so-sexy form of inflexibility it really gets in the way of many other activities that I would normally do during the day. So during my lunch hour, at least a couple times a week (and then at night when I remember) I do this sequence in hopes that I can combat the office chair.

How do you get loosey-goosey?


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