Huffington Post Living just published a great article highlighting the latest research on natural alternatives to migraine treatment and prevention. As a former migraine sufferer (2-3 migraines a WEEK) I am so very excited to see this approach making mainstream news.

Butterbur, a noted natural treatment for migraines

I am a bit disappointed in the study and this article, however, because it highlights natural medicinal approaches versus the simplest most cost effective approach: healthy living. When I changed my lifestyle it was for no particular reason except curiosity. I had so many ailments but I never made the connection to my lifestyle.

My entire body used to break out in hives, I got migraines several times a week, I was SO tired all the time (so much so I asked the doctor to check my thyroids), I had stomach issues and sensitivities, and I slept so so much. Once I started exploring raw foods my ailments started falling by the wayside. Now I am 80% – 100% raw most days and the only ailment I get is a headache once a month (also when I get mild cramps, bloating, and intolerable cravings … yup, you guessed it). Even so all of it is completely manageable without ANY medicine.

I am not saying one must be a raw foodie to be pain-free, but what I am saying is that cleaning up your diet and using your blood system as a natural drain-o for your veins is probably the most effective at treating migraines. If you take care of your body it will take care of you. The cleaner you are, and the more you treat your body the way it’s intended to be treated, the more likely your body will function at the capacity it is meant to function at.

For more information on the emotional-spiritual connection to such ailments, check out Dr. Sha’s work or Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. Both are incredible reads with such valuable information …

The article does not highlight this, but it’s making steps in the right direction!

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