Whoever said exercise was a bad thing? And whoever said you had to be a professional athlete in order to get adequate exercise? Simply moving–as in shaking that money maker–for 40 minutes can actually increase your brain size (and naturally, your brain power) as well as make you look and feel fabulous. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studied an already studied quick-fix to all things maladaptive: exercise. This time the study focused on exercise and aging adults. No surprise here…exercise is fabYOUlous and it can also help our bodies survive on Earth how God intended it to.

Read the article and find out for yourself:

Get a moooove on!

In the meantime, maybe you can get your brain juices flowing by trying out some (simple) exercise. I promise, that’s all it takes. I’m not promising you will look like Gisele Bundchen, but getting that crimson liquid running through your veins faster than the sloth-like pace that it’s accustomed to can make all the difference in your daily threshold.

MmmMMmmmmMm my favorite. Get those juices flowing and you’ll be surprised what else starts flowing.

Amen, sister. Walking around in circles will get that blood pumping. And I can guarantee the Semi Annual Sale will get your blood flowing, not to mention the likelihood that you will spend more than 40 minutes in this activity.

Farmer’s Market
My Sunday walks are probably my favorite part of California. I get to wake up every lazy Sunday and walk to the local Farmer’s Market. I take my time and meander through the stands and smell the different and exotic smells. This is my time and I don’t let anyone interrupt me. I’m exercising my sluggish legs as well as my stifled soul.

When was the last time you went for a hike? Okay, so the Sierra Nevada’s aren’t on everyone’s doorstep, but an outdoor walk–non-concrete-pounding–is probably more physical than your romantic relationship you’ve developed with your fancy computer.

Even when I was prime (okay, more prepared than less so) for my marathon I would still get winded taking the stairs. So master those stairs, pretty lady, because that brain isn’t the only thing that will get juicy.

Clean House 
Aside from my unnaturally clean boyfriend, most small spaces, and even large ones, could use a good once over. And my once-overs are the works: vacuum, mop, dust, laundry, dishes, windows, mirrors, linens…okay, I’m not that disgusting, but 40 minutes in and I’m feelin’ good.


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