After a year and a half of being obsessed with this Raw Food Movement and a lifetime of drinking coffee it is about time I find an alternative to my strange and acidic addiction. My morning love affair is more of a ritual than a chemical addiction, but after a very expensive and very informative couple of years in graduate school I have learned that the emotions and the chemicals are one and the same in such an addiction. So what’s a girl to do without her luscious, dark obsession?

Enter: Teecino. It’s true. I heard the rave reviews among raw foodies that Teecino serves as an incredible transition for those interested in going from coffee-monster to pure and clean nature girl. Prepared much like tea and served like coffee, this is an incredible treat indeed. I decided to give it a whirl because it was offered at a hole-in-the-wall hippie joint on the beach and man-oh-man am I glad I did!

There truly is no replacement for coffee, let’s be real. But Teecino is a great replacement if there ever needs to be one. It’s sweeter and more indulgent because of the hints of carob and is soft on the stomach because it’s all natural without the caffeine. I may be making the switch and I may be able to call myself a nature-girl after all!

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