wheat grass shot
If you’re like anyone else in the U.S. then any holiday is an excuse to go crazy over food. Even I’m guilty of this: overloading on the latest vegan treat and having an extra serving of dessert just-this-once. I did it in my pre-raw days and I do it now. It’s just the American way.

So as a preemptive cleanser I thought it’d be nice to review an excellent way to clean and strengthen your body and immune system just in time for the most gluttony-invoking holiday of holidays. The Hippocrates Health Institute has a pretty extensive list that covers the many reported benefits of wheatgrass.
If you’re lucky and you have a fabulous wheatgrass juicer*, or even an Omega Vert* or Hurom Juicer* (or even Green Star* or Norwalk ..swoon) then you probably don’t even need to read this. Truly. If you’ve got one of these guys then you probably know what you’re doing in the juice department. (*affiliate links)
If you’re like me and you do not have a coveted nice juicer, then there has to be another way to get your wheatgrass shots in. I actually have this* juicer for wheatgrass and while I love the idea of it, it just was not easy and didn’t fit my counter ledge. I spent a very long time, hunched over the highest tabletop in our house, squeaking away on my plastic juicer until a shot of green juice came out. 
Following that experience I opted for my trusty mini chopper* and nut mylk bag* approach. The trick with wheatgrass is to add enough to blend with just a touch of water to facilitate processing. 


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