Every so often I have one of those days, and I’d like to think that we all do, where I start to have a pity party. I begin to wonder where the time has gone and how I got myself into a certain situation that is not at all ideal. I begin to feel sorry for myself, for the fact that I’m young and sometimes impulsive, that I follow my heart more often than my brain, and that I’ve found myself in a world I hardly recognize sometimes. 

It can spiral out of control pretty quickly if I don’t keep it in check and realize that this is really just a part of being young. I keep it in check, mostly, by checking in with nature. Nature is an incredible pacifier for me and calms me down almost immediately when I realize how magnificent and present it is.

Then, this quote comes to mind:

“If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page.”
~ Mark Houlahan
How wonderful is it that we have the power to create our own lives, our own stories? Several years ago, when I was on the aftermath of a life changing decision that had rattled me to the core, my father told me, “You’re never stuck. You can always redirect your life any way you choose. All you have to do is just decide what you want and go for it.” 


This isn’t always a sad and regretful thought, though. This can also be a huge motivating force behind new and exciting ventures. Every time I do something I do it with my end story in mind. Will I be proud of the life I have led? Will I have anything interesting to share? If I find myself getting a little too comfortable with too much routine, I throw in a road trip or a day at the Flea Market to ensure that I’ve got some kind of story to tell.

What’s the story you’re telling? Are you re-writing your story??


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