sprouted buckwheat bowl
This was a let’s-get-you-out-the-door and what-do-we-have-on-hand sort of morning. My husband had to be out a lot earlier than I did so I threw together this breakfast and decided it was a Win for the team.
Buckwheat Crunch
1 cup raw, dry buckwheat, soaked overnight or sprouted
Soak the buckwheat overnight, or sprout the buckwheat if you’d like. In this batch I had sprouted buckwheat. Stick in the dehydrator at 104 for a few hours until nice and crispy. Store in a glass jar and sprinkle on cereal and smoothies. 
For this bowl I threw together a few items we had on hand: banana, apple, goji berries, buckwheat crunch, dried figs, and hazelnut mylk. Really quite tasty and a definite win for the last-minute team!
I was sprouting buckwheat for chocolate granola  and I had accidentally sprouted too much buckwheat. I took half the sprouts and dehydrated the little guys until they were nice and crisp. Now I sprinkle them on smoothies and cereal …
You really can get creative with these guys. You can mix with date paste, cinnamon, apples, sunflower seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, WHATEVER, and then dehydrate to make a granola, as well.

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