Maybe I’m part bird or maybe I’m part rabbit …. I LOVE salads and I’m so fortunate to be excited by a ginormous bowl of greens. Or maybe I’m just uber creative with my dressings …

RAW Creamy Tahini Dressing


  • 3 tablespoons raw tahini
  • juice from one orange
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 2 tablespoons nama shoyu
  • 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

  • Place the tahini in a small bowl and slowly add the oj a little bit at a time as you stir with a fork.
  • Stir until everything is mixed evenly. 
  • Add the rest of the ingredients one at a time and stir to incorporate. 
  • I put mine in a small glass jar to begin with and once everything was in I shook it vigorously.
In the salad above I poured it over my usual base–greens, tomato, avocado–and ate it immediately. Store in the frig until ready to eat. It’s best to pour over greens and eat immediately (do not let sit) as the citrus in the orange juice will wilt the lettuce rapidly. 
So easy. So rad. And still so delicious.
Not only is this dressing delicious it packs a nutritional punch as well. The tahini provides an excellent source of most B vitamins as well as the ever-important calcium. In fact, sesame seeds (the un-ground version of tahini) contain one of the highest concentrations of calcium of all food sources. Also, the nutritional yeast adds a nice cheesy flavor as well as a whopping dosage of vitamin B12, which is crucial for energy production in the body. So slurp it up!

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