papaya acai smoothie
Papaya Açaí smoothie
1/2 large papaya (1 small)
2 bananas
1 packet of organic, fresh PURE Açaí
1 tablespoon MSM
1 tablespoon bee pollen 
Plop everything into the blender and give it a whirl. YUM
Papaya can do magic on your skin and Açaí is an incredible antioxidant. MSM is a great supplement for joints because it ups the lubrication in your body. This translates to a great boost in your skin and nails and hair, as well. 
** a note about Açaí packets, be sure to check the ingredients in these packets. Many brands are cute but they’re not organic and they include added sugar, pasteurized Açaí, and preservatives. Make sure the ingredient list is short on your packets: Pure Organic Açaí Pulp.

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