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There are a few things I always carry with me. One of them is my green water bottle, always full of water. The other is a bag full of my own trail mix. You never know when hunger/thirst strikes and I’d rather be prepared than starve or eat what’s available.

The time this became the most useful was when I went to Cancun on a girls trip this past year. It was hot, it was sunny, and we were hiking around the ruins of Tulum looking for stellar photo ops. We spent the day playing outside and midway through we were getting pretty desperate for water and food.

I, as usual, had lots of water and a little baggie of trailmix packed away in my bag. After a few hours of walking around and snorkeling in the cenotes I realized that I still had my trailmix in my bag. I had never been so happy as when I remembered my goodies … and the girls were equally ecstatic. I pulled the bag out and shared my goodies with everyone. We munched happily along, all the while I was feeling completely satisfied that I had introduced Goji Berries, Mulberries, Cacao and Macadamia Nuts to unsuspecting bystanders .. 😉

This mix is mostly adaptable since you can sub in ingredients for what you have on hand. I love macadamia nuts. They are so creamy and satisfying and you really don’t need many in order to reach satiety. Mulberries and goji berries may be pricey, depending on where you shop, but they are delicious and mild and not to mention the cutest little superfoods to exist. 
I also usually add cacao for the magnesium and energy boost it provides. Raw cacao is not sweet–it’s actually quite bitter–but the nibs are so small that it provides just the right touch.
Super Rad Superfood Trail Mix:
the ingredients
1 handful macadamia nuts
1 handful pumpkin seeds
1 handful dried mulberries
1 handful dried goji berries
1 handful cacao nibs

Mix everything in a bowl and/or bag and enjoy. This is the most satisfying combination I’ve made but of course you can play with it, as well. Don’t have the superfoods? No problem! Try almonds and pumpkin seeds with (unsulfured) sliced dried figs and raisins. Dried apricots–the non-sulfur variety–are a good option too though they are incredibly high in sugar.

Lots of people like chocolate in their trail mix. I remember when I would pick the M&Ms out of my trailmix as I munched along on my “healthy” snack. If you’re still into chocolate (who is EVER not still into chocolate??) then you could probably add some dark chocolate to the mix. Make sure it is 80% or high dark chocolate and is pure chocolate. No fillers, binders, or milk (including casein) should be listed in the ingredients. Though these things make for creamier and tastier chocolate it also strips the chocolate of its benefits and turns it into candy.

YUM! get outside, get active, and NEVER go unprepared!!


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