raw vegan cacao cookies
For this Fourth of July I was feeling exceptionally creative. I didn’t want to do anything too extravagant but I definitely wanted to make something that was picture-worthy. I asked my friend what I should make and she sent me a picture of the cutest little star-shaped cookies as an idea. 
Okay, so my friend is exceptionally creative. I just harnessed that creativity.

That’s all it took, though, because I immediately went to the kitchen to make these guys.
One of my favorite combinations is raspberries paired with cacao. The sweet and tart of the raspberries always cuts the dense cacao flavor so effortlessly, making both the sweet toots and the (lucky) not-so-sweet-tooths very happy.
So I started with a cacao walnut base. I wanted to make a frosting that would be similar to a traditional cream cheese frosting. Of course, coconut butter came to mind for this so I dumped a good amount into a bowl. I added maple syrup to sweeten and vanilla for flavoring and then ended up with a mushy brown mess. I was so disappointed with the look (though spot on with the flavor!).
I scooped that into a container (I’m not a fan of waste) for later use and then decided to just go with coconut butter by itself. I’m glad I did. It is perfectly creamy and mild, allowing the cacao and fruit to rightfully shine. 
Brownie Crust:
a recipe
1/2 cup walnuts
1/4 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup medjool dates, soaked
Whirl everything in a food processor until it’s incorporated but still a little chunky. 
the method:
  • I used two sheets of plastic wrap and a good ol’ rolling pin.
  •  Place one sheet of plastic wrap down, plop the dough onto it, then cover with your second sheet.
  • Use a rolling pin to roll it out until it’s about a 1/4″ thick.
  • Use a cookie cutter to make your shapes.
Put these in the fridge to firm up while you get everything else ready. 
2 T coconut butter (or more)

That’s it! Dab about a teaspoon onto each cookie and spread out. Top with berries (I tossed my berried with about a tablespoon of maple syrup) and voila! The fanciest and easiest cookies you will ever bring to a party!!

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