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The dreaded time has come for summer to end. For me, that means longer work hours and less time at home to slowly take in the pure joy that is preparing my food. When school begins I spend a lot more time on food prep for days at a time and I spend relatively little time getting creative in the kitchen, at least during the week.

For many of you, however, this means getting the kids off to school and hoping to prepare something healthy along the way. The hardest part about the beginning of any new schedule is always the transition. Once you’re acclimated to the new routine then it’s much easier to take over.

Until then: mayhem. 

So I’ve gathered a handful of recipes that make food prep much easier and allow for happy kiddos at the same time. Little snacks that taste like dessert (but are actually healthy) and then also dinner/lunch options that are easy to throw together and pack away, as needed. 
The addictive and easy dressing recipe is my favorite recipe of all time. I make it regularly and use it on many of my salads. It’s always delicious and it’s so easy to make your own. It’s not just for salad, either. It’s a good sauce for anything you want to be saucy.
Take what you want, save the others for the weekend, and always know this:
Fruit is the ultimate fast food.
Do not ever feel pressured to pack something uber-gourmet. What is the use when cut fruit is easy, delicious, sweet, affordable, and filling? It’s always packed with nutrients and does wonderful things for the body. Do not underestimate the power of fruits and veggies. 
How are your first weeks of school going?? What kinds of healthy snacks do YOU pack??

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