carrot juice
This morning I woke up with some serious flare up. My skin was desperate for some attention. Luckily the farmer’s market down the street has ENORMOUS sized vegetables, so I was able to make this simple skin-sweep to suck down while I cleaned the apartment.
These beauties were full of Vitamin A, which is a great healer for skin. Vitamin A helps promote skin turnover, aka new, fresh, beautiful skin. In fact, carrots are so full of this beauty vitamin that it is helpful, topically, as well in the form of carrot seed oil. 
Vitamin C is also ever present in this yummy juice. Vitamin C is widely known to help fight off the common cold but it’s also an incredible elasticity promoter. What does that mean? Healthy, beautiful, smooth, young skin. Both the oranges and the cucumber (and the carrots too!) contain lots of Vitamin C.
The silica in the cucumber helps repair the skin, helping aid damaged skin get it together. Cucumbers have an incredibly cooling and calming effect in the body and skin. Sucking down one of these makes the skin let out a big “ahhhh”. 
3 VERY large carrots
1 VERY large cucumber
2 oranges
1/4″ piece of ginger
Run everything through a juicer and enjoy!! (you can really use any combination of these three ingredients and adjust to your liking.)

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