raw vegan eggnog

As a kid I loved sipping on eggnog during the holidays but I usually ended up with a stomach ache. Now I mix a few all N A T U R A L ingredients together and I have a guilt-free, pain-free, better-than-eggnog eggnog to enjoy.

It doesn’t look like eggnog and it’s milder than eggnog, but it reminds me so much of the creamy drink that I can’t help but think of Santa Claus (the holidays…).

Raw Vegan Superfood Eggnog
1 cup coconut water (fresh from the coconut, if you can) (healthy fats, electrolytes)
1 frozen banana
1 ripe banana
1 heaping tablespoon raw almond butter (protein)
1 heaping tablespoon raw cacao powder (antioxidants, magnesium, serotonin…too many benefits to name!)
1/2 tablespoon raw honey (immunity)
1 teaspoon maca powder (hormone balancing)
1 teaspoon spirulina-optional (protein)
1 teaspoon bee pollen (immunity, protein)

Pour the coconut water into a high speed blender and place the bananas in at the bottom. Add everything else, making sure it all sits in the middle (so it doesn’t get stuck to the sides of the blender). Blend until smooth and THAT’S IT.

So delicious. Incredible.

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