There really is something to be said about food as a healing agent. Really. The entire process of finding a recipe that seems as if the very words on the page may comfort my inner being down to the chopping, stirring, sprinkling, waiting .. and then, then, the eating. Oh yeah. Food can be healing.
This recipe was one of those recipes. I was thumbing through the pages of the Oh She Glows Cookbook and this recipe just made me melt. I’ve made it before from the post on the Oh She Glows blog and when I saw it again in the cookbook I immediately felt this flood of nostalgia, like I had just seen a high school yearbook picture of a long lost friend.
Photo credit goes to Angela Liddon, the author of Oh She Glows

I had fully intended on snapping some beautiful pictures of the dish once I pulled it out of the oven but my enchiladas did NOT look like this. They were drenched in sauce and overflowing with the sweet potato and black bean mixture. As a budding food photographer my heart ached a little, but as an enormous foodie I was beyond excited at the burst of flavors awaiting me on my very messy plate.
And let me just take a moment to rave about this cookbook. I love it for so many reasons–homegirl developed it and shot her own pictures and then put out a stellar book–but my favorite reason is that it is packed full of comfort foods that are easy AND good for you. A lot of vegan cookbooks, especially of the raw vegan variety, offer delicious recipes but many of them are tricky and possibly unhealthy. 
This is one of my favorite blogger–turned-cookbook author stories and books. (And if you’re wondering, I paid for the book myself so this is NOT advertisement .. I really just love it that much!)
I have a weird habit of sticking post its in books that I’m reading when I come across something interesting, a new word I want to look up in the dictionary, or a thought I want to share with a colleague or friend. The same goes for cookbooks. This cookbook has little tabs sticking out on almost every single page, to the point of absurdity, where the post its really don’t even offer any help in recipe selection, anyway!
And you want the recipe, right?
Head on over here to get it from the goddess, herself. And wish her a happy motherhood as she’s a new mommy 🙂
Or you can buy the entire book for yourself here.
Love you all, talk soon

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