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First, I’d like to say .. whoa. It’s been over a week since I’ve posted and that’s a little crazy to me. This past week .. and past few months, in fact .. have been wonderful in that they’ve provided me with huge learning curves, incredible opportunities for growth, and proven to be great indicators of my strength as a woman. Meaning, this shit has sucked. So naturally, the last thing on my mind has been recipe development, let alone pictures or posts. This really seems backwards because it’s one of my favorite things to do and could probably make this shit suck less. However, that’s just not how life works and so I guess I’m flowing with this thing called Life.

What made it suck slightly less, though, are these glass straws. Glass Dharma reached out to me and asked if I’d like to sample their products. If you’ve been reading along for awhile then you know I love a good, economical, environmental way to be trendy. So of course I was delighted to try them on for size!

Soon after a neat package arrived at my door with lots of little goodies. I’ve been playing with these straws for the past week and I have to say that I’m hooked. I think that they will make fantastic gifts when the holiday season comes around and they serve as a wonderful buffer to my enamel when I’m gulping juice after juice.

So what’s so great about these straws, besides the cute little color-coordinated beads?? 

Glass Dharma has a wonderful outline of their fabulous products on their site …

Plain and simple, here’s how and why they work:

  • Glass straws don’t leach toxins into your food as you drink.
  • Each time you use your glass straw equals one less plastic straw ending up in your landfill.
  • One glass straw replaces thousands of plastic straws. (How many times will you use a straw the rest of your life?)
  • Using your glass drinking straw adds a feeling of beauty to your day.

GlassDharma glass drinking straws are:

  • Made of borosilicate tubing and is the strongest glass commercially available.
  • Means that we have spared no expense in bringing you the strongest, most durable drinking straw possible.
  • Annealed to Corning, Inc. specifications (a process that strengthens the glass).
  • So you can have confidence you are purchasing the highest quality glass straws available.
  • Made of glass which does not leach ANY TOXINS into your food.
  • So you can use your non-toxic straws with confidence.
  • Created with the beauty and elegance that only glass can give.
  • You’ll feel like royalty – with a touch of ‘glass’.
  • A great environmental addition to your kitchenware.
  • Great for hot or cold drinks, microwave and dishwasher safe!!
  • Are fully backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • If they don’t meetyour expectations, return for a full refund.
  • Covered with our unbelievable Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage.
  • Means that if they ever break, we’ll replace them – Free, (Why do we do this?)
  • Hand-made in the U.S.A. Buying from GlassDharma means that your dollar is not going off-shore – it stays right here in the U.S.A.
Bottom Line:

Would I recommend them? YES
Did I love them? YES
Are they affordable? YES
The Pros:
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They are strong and durable
  • They are unique with the double dots
  • They come in many sizes
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are a decent price
The Cons:
  • They break if dropped (duh, be careful)
  • There isn’t a corresponding lid to hold them in place
And that’s really it. The reason I love them is because the “cons” aren’t really cons about the product, but more of a natural part of the experience.

You can buy them here. Enter the code “BSF” for a 10% discount on your purchase!

Let me know what you think!


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