Nature has such an incredible way of providing the very best to us. I don’t like to get caught up in the specific nutrients of different plants and products … a whole plant based meal or diet is going to provide so many nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and taste and all of it works together harmoniously… it is even more fascinating to understand exactly how divine a piece of fruit can be.

Papayas are my latest obsession. These are not so abundant on the farm so I felt a bit like Christopher Columbus, who called it the “fruit of the angels”, when I first tasted this fruit. It is so so good and provides such incredible benefits to you, overall.
An even more interesting aspect of papaya is what it can do for you, externally. I’m a huge fan of roaming through the fridge and cupboards to find my latest skin treatment, and papaya can do just that. Papaya naturally has Alpha Hydroxy Acid in it … you know, the coveted ingredient in so many over-the-counter face creams? This naturally occurring AHA can do wonders to your skin without harming it one bit. What I like to do–when my Significant Other is not around–is rub the inside of the peels on my face after I’ve scooped the fruit out for my morning smoothie. I let the AHA do its thing while I blend, clean up, and put everything away. After about five minutes I’m ready to rinse it off and enjoy my feast.
AHA is an incredible resource for skin renewal, aka fresh, bright skin. It is also even used to brighten skin, in extreme instances (which is another reason why I leave the papaya on my face for only five minutes). So it can help clear up dark spots, acne scars, and other random aging drags. Give it a go!

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