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Visiting others and their kitchens can at first seem daunting. There is the struggle of whether or not your hosts support your lifestyle and then whether or not their kitchens support your lifestyle. My go-to food item for traveling is avocados. They maintain their freshness when traveling, remain protected, and are fairly easy to slice open and scoop out. They are very filling and packed with fat, fiber, and an array of nutrients. For the most part most kitchens have a sharp knife to cut it open and scoop it out.

I visited home this past weekend and before I had a chance to stock pile my own goodies I HAD to eat. Luckily the family kitch had an avocado, a tomato, and a beautiful bin of salsa. I threw everything together and enjoyed one of my favorite snacks.

Traveling? Don’t panic. It’s really not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. Being RAW is a lifestyle choice and once you realize it’s not a diet or a burden it really becomes one of the simplest ways to live!

Kimberly Snyder also has some great tips on traveling, which I tend to follow regularly. Happy travels!

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