The weekend finally arrived. My parents visited Miami after over a year from their last visit. I was nervous and excited and exhausted this entire weekend but I am so, so happy. It was just perfect.

I was nervous for their visit because it is June in Miami … the weather is mostly unpredictable and humid. Coming from a dry climate can make it very difficult when spending the weekend in a very humid climate. However, they handled it like champs and we even got to spend a good portion of our time at the beach.

I took a poll both on Facebook and also on Instagram asking everyone what I should make for them, as a special treat. Everyone seemed to agree that a coconut cream cake with chocolate frosting was in order. So I made something pretty epic and I have to say: it was a hit. I can’t wait to share this with you because it is pretty incredible. 

We spent the first day at the beach and we were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day. It rained most of the weekend and so this kind of beach day was really incredible. Coming from California, my parents were very excited to swim in warm water!
My in-laws have a condo on the beach so my own parents got to stay with them during their visit. It was a great experience for them because they were able to get full access to the beach and the culture of Miami. It also gave our parents the opportunity to bond, which is always nice.

For lunch we went back up to the condo and my mother in law put together a “light” meal. If I’ve learned anything about the hospitality here it is that there is no such thing as a “light” meal! Tilapia and mahi mahi with tostones for the parents and this enormous salad for me … okay, I shared the salad, but I did have the majority of this enormous salad.
On the last morning of their visit we had breakfast all together. My contribution was a giant bowl of fresh papaya and mango with lime juice.

They enjoyed their share … papaya and mango is not exactly a commodity on the West Coast. I was excited to have them try such ripe tropical fruit. And of course, after they picked their pieces I got to finish the rest of the bowl of fruit …

We made one last go at the beach before they left. It was another beautiful day at the beach, despite the rain and thunder storms over the rest of the city. My parents left with a tan and I am left with a very full and happy heart.

I have missed my family so much and I especially miss my home, so this was such a refreshing visit. It also reminded me of what I’ve come from as well as exactly where I’m at. There’s nothing as grounding as a visit from the parents, and that is pretty special.

How was YOUR weekend??


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