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This past week my boo has been out of the country (on a “work” trip in Spain … I’m still dying at how amazing that is) and so he has therefore been out of the kitchen. Which I love. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and his quirky presence, but homegirl loves a free kitchen as well.
So what has happened? I’ve created quite a few masterpieces. And if not masterpieces then at the very least I’ve had so much time to explore different flavors and combinations. 
Zucchini noodles with marinara sauce. And grated Parmesan. This is an impressive and simple (and impressively simple) dish FTW. The grated Brazil Nut over the noodles takes it above and beyond any other noodle dish I’ve had.

 Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bars. This was an accident. And I was so disappointed. I meant to make brownies and then somehow these ice cream bars were created. But then what I realized that my accident was nothing short of a miracle.

 Melon Smoothie. I love Canary Melons and whenever I see them I get so excited. Have you ever had a blended or juiced canary melon?? It’s a game changer.

 Almond Fig Cheesecake. I made these for a couple special women in my office. I wanted to play with figs and so I used them in this dessert. I thought it made for a tasty and beautiful treat.

 801010 truffles. What makes them 801010? Well it’s only two ingredients: dried figs and cacao. So good and so easy.

 Papaya Smoothie. Papaya is among the top 5 fruits that I love enjoying as often as possible … only behind mango, banana, cherries, and figs. I love blending papaya with fresh lime and then slurping with goji berries. So fresh and delicious.

 Strawberry Tartlette. I’m obsessed with dried figs being used instead of nuts any chance I get and so I often replace them in things like crusts and energy balls. I filled this crust with a strawberry jam of sorts, fresh strawberries, and coconut cream.

Green Juice. I’ve been having green juice pretty religiously every morning for a couple weeks now (versus having them every couple days) and I am loving it. It is so filling and feels so good. Also, I’m not one to tout “clear skin” as a result of my eating as I happen to believe your skin is more like a window to your soul than your stomach … but my skin has been pretty calm and clear since I’ve started this habit. Whether it’s the green juice feeding my cells or the green juice feeding my soul .. I don’t care. My skin loves it!

That’s it. And who says eating healthy is boring?? Who?? Then that just means they’re doing it wrong!


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  1. Thank you so much! That means a lot, I'm a huge fan of yours .. that fig cheesecake was so much fun for me. I grab figs whenever I see them fresh because they aren't always available!

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