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This is my favorite day of the week because I get to look back on all of my eats and realize how incredibly well fed I am! I have made a lot of desserts this past week, so much so that I actually had someone ask me, 
“but what do you actually eat? For meals … you don’t just eat desserts all day, do you?”

Well I wish! I just make a lot of desserts and then bring them to work, to friends, to in-laws, and then my SO until eventually it is all eaten up. However, I still had a hard time answering that question because I do eat a lot of desserts. My desserts are made mostly of fruit so it’s easy for me to eat them and not feel guilty about it. I balance it out–always–with loads of greens and lots of water. 
This is what I had this past week:
Creamy dressing. This simple salad had a dressing made from tahini, juice from one orange, a tablespoon of miso, and some tamari (healthified soy sauce). If you want to transform your recipes, I suggest you invest in tahini immediately. It is a seed butter made from sesame seeds and can be found near the peanut butter at grocery stores. Same goes for miso, which is a fermented paste made from chickpeas, soybeans … almost anything really. I prefer the chickpea miso.
Raw Cinnamon Rolls. Whoa man. Whoa. Man. These were so good. The recipe can be found here and is one of the easiest and most approachable decadent raw food breakfasts I have ever created. I feel like my former new-raw-foodie self would have appreciated these!
Star Brownie Cookies. What a confusing name. But that’s exactly what they are and they were so good. Just perfect. Everyone that had one fell silent after the first bite, only to murmur a faint “mmmm” …. oh yeah.
Fruit. Thank God it’s still mango season here in Miami. Of course, I’ve had my fair share of mangoes and will continue to do so until I am forced into another season.

 Watermelon Strawberry Salad. I threw caution to the wind with this salad (as food combining goes) and put together all of these yummy ingredients in one bowl. This was inspired by a salad that was served by my friend on the Fourth of July. She is the best and so is this salad.

Lemon Bars. These guys… I cannot even begin to explain how exciting they are for me. I played with a few ingredients and ended up with some bars that are very similar to my childhood fave … Except there are no questionable ingredients (I mean … not health-wise, but there is a surprise ingredient in there …) and it is completely good for you. In moderation. As always.
As I post new recipes for my eats you will be able to recreate your own version! Until then, don’t be afraid to play with your food. It is my favorite way to discover new treats and salads. Otherwise, salad gets boring after awhile.
True story.

Mix and match your ingredients and dressings until you find something spectacular! Let me know what YOU are enjoying this week!!

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