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This past week I visited home, in California, so my eats were just a bit different than usual (though totally delicious, still). The first thing I did when I went home was stocked up on fresh fruits at Trader Joe’s … we do not have one (yet!) in Miami so I was beyond excited.
Also, California oranges are amazing. You can buy a 10 pound bag for about $6 and they are perfectly juicy, sweet, soft and fresh. I missed them so much and could not wait to get my hands on some of those beauties.
I also ate out for a few meals at the raw and vegan restaurants around town, making a point to stop by Cafe Gratitude and Crossroads, a new vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. So this What I Ate Wednesday is mostly travel foods, which is great, so you can see that travelling in the raw is very doable.
Fruit. Fruit never fails and it is almost always available. I stocked up on California oranges and strawberries and munched happily every morning on bowls of fresh fruit.
Bananas. Nature’s original powerbars. I always stock up on these because they are easy to travel with and provide lots of calories and energy. My friends maaayyy have looked at me a bit strange when I brought home so many, but hey, a girl’s gotta eat …
Chlorella Tablets. Travelling can drain your body and your immune system so I always take some chlorella tablets with me to make sure I’m getting the extra boost that sea veggies offer.
Kale Chips. Before I left I made a tray of kale chips so I could take them with me on the plane. I am SO glad I did. They are so easy to make, provide such a nice and savory snack for the plane, and leave me feeling good rather than tired and bloated (like usual airport snacks).
Salad. My first day back I loaded up on greens to keep things moving. Travelling can make your body do weird things and suck the energy out of you. I included greens in every meal to ensure that my system was able to flush anything out and to restock my energy level. This salad was delicious and low in fat with a simple basil dressing.
Travelling doesn’t have to be a pain and when you begin to incorporate healthy foods into your life it can actually be exciting. I love bringing snacks with me, and I love that my snacks are undoubtedly more delicious than the snacks available at the airport. 
Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to trash your body! I wasn’t 100% raw on this vacation but I was 100% happy with my choices in food. And that is important because I was able to be active and happy, and that is really what matters!

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