spirulina salad

It is my baby brother’s birthday … and for that, I am so excited to breakdown my eats this week! My family is back home in California and I love them so much. I never realized just how cool my family is until I moved to Miami but now that I’m here I am so grateful for my upbringing and my family.

You never really notice just how bizarre and awesome your family is until you see other bizarre families and people that are, in their own right, a different kind of awesome. I am so grateful to have a farm-life as my upbringing and so lucky to have a family with the sense of humor it has. I am proud to say that I am qualifiably hilarious and it is all thanks to my rad family. ( I know I know, everyone thinks they’re a comedian and everyone thinks they live glamorous lives … but at least someone gets my comedy!)

So, for my brother and his awesome self, I’m dedicating some delicious food to him because he likes to eat. I mean, look at him:

I’m a tall Amazonian-type woman. That makes him epically tall and Amazonian.

This week I had:

Beet Root Salad. My SO loves beets and so I buy them on the regular. Well, he was out of town for the past week so I got to use them all for myself. I shredded one beetroot and I also spiralized another for a couple simple salads. They are so colorful and delicious, I love using them!

Warm Fudge Brownies. These were delicious. As a big fat thank you for all my followers (we reached 1,000 on Instagram this week!) I made some brownies with fudge … Epic. Delicious. You MUST try them.

Cherry Tart. Fully Raw Kristina is the cutest little genius I know of and luckily for me I watch her YouTube videos pretty religiously. This is where I discovered her cobbler recipe, the basis for my own cherry tart.

Spirulina Salad. I made this dressing and it was delicious and perfect. It also gave me a little boost of energy, which was great.

Fruit. It wouldn’t be a WIAW without a bowl of fruit, am-I-right??

Green Juice. It has been so.hot here in Miami lately, and that’s saying something considering that the temperatures rarely dip below 80 degrees. The sweltering humidity is no joke. So I’ve been making juice pretty regularly. It’s a lifesaver.

It’s hard to convince you that I eat anything other than greens and sweets, but I do, I promise. I just also eat lots of greens and sweets.

Oh yeah, and happy birthday lil’ bro!


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