mango cherry bowl
I love playing with very simple flavors, combining them in ways that provide such depth. It’s one of the easiest ways to prepare meals and one of the easiest ways to eat whole foods. I never feel like I’m missing out when I’m able to have this as my line up of foods!
The neat thing about this, too, is that most of it is very approachable. A few times a week I’ll make something with a superfood or make something that requires a fully raw kitchen, but for the most part I really just enjoy very simple ingredients. 
So when I say that I’m so excited to reflect back on my eats, I’m not even kidding. It’s usually so simple and it’s always so delicious. This week, I had some killer combinations:
Carob Mousse Pie. One of the best things I’ve ever created. And that’s sayin’ something … 😉 This has relatively few ingredients, but is made up of dates and the flesh from a coconut, plus some carob.
Rawified Pizza. A definite indulgence but so worth it. It’s completely nut and seed free too! The recipe is here if you’d like to check it out.

 Mango Cherry Bowl. I love mangoes. I love cherries. So I put them together quite often for a delicious and light fruit meal. It’s like my Central Valley roots meets my SO’s tropical roots in one tasty bowl.

Pink Veggie Smoothie. This was an epic combo that has won my heart over: fresh OJ, frozen strawberries, red bell pepper, cucumber. Try it. I promise you it’s delicious.

Mango Tart. This was divine. Simple, light, creamy. Just mm. Dried fig base and mango gooey center.

Avocado Blueberry Salad. This is a new one for me but it is a delicious combo. I tossed it with a bed of arugula and a simple spirulina dressing

How simple is that? A lot of very accessible and fresh ingredients combined to perfection.

Try it out! Hope this helps with your search for menu ideas!


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