raw papaya and lime
I’ve been eating a lot this week and it has been exciting. Even though we never really experience a winter here in Miami I still feel like summer opens so many doors, food-wise. Mostly, tropical fruit become abundant and I can barely contain myself. I begin eating mono-meals with lots of fruit and less fat. I also start craving crisp lettuce unlike any other time in the year. 
I really hate the humidity but I love what it brings me.
I don’t eat mono-meals daily and I am very aware that if I’m eating only one item for the bulk of my calories then I need to be aware of where else I’m getting my nutrients … but, come on. Have you ever had a mango fresh off the tree?? How could I NOT eat an enormous bowl of this juicy fruit??
And here is what else I ate this past week that did not consist of buckets of mango:
Zucchini Pasta. This is a pretty basic meal in the raw food world and I don’t do it too often. I really just didn’t like the texture of spiralized zucchini with marinara sauce. Then, I came up with this genius idea to make ribbons out of the zucchini. And then I was hooked. Also, for what it’s worth, my SO was a fan of this (and he’s rarely a fan of any pasta substitute …). So yeah, it was delicious.
Papaya. I stopped at a Palacio de los Jugos a few days ago and grabbed bag fulls of papaya, mango, bananas and mamey. I was giddy with excitement. And this is one of those papayas, beautifully ripened, golden orange, fragrant and creamy. I wish I could will you a taste of this. The papayas here really are unlike anything you will ever taste anywhere else in the country.
Melon juice. I saw a canary melon at the store and I snatched it up. These aren’t regularly out on display but when they are I immediately take them home for juice. They make the BEST juice. I blended mine up and then strained in a nut mylk bag
Green Smoothies. All this fruit that I have hanging around the house has made perfect green smoothie bases. I combine a couple fruits and add spinach, kale, spirulina, chlorella … really whatever I’m feelin’ that day. And of course, it always hits the spot.
Garden Salad. This is a veggie option on the menu at a nearby Korean restaurant. I also had a little bit of the red curry with brown rice, but this is a raw blog, afterall 😉 I wanted to add this in here just to show you that the salad options on the town aren’t always dismal. Sometimes they are really satisfying and delicious.. this was one of those times!
Cheezy Sweet Potato “Rawsta”. You guys, I can’t. I’m just beyond excited to share this recipe with you. It was SO.GOOD. It’s so easy too. I’m telling you, I can’t believe I didn’t make this up sooner.
Watermelon Juice. My favorite way to eat watermelon is in juice form. I don’t enjoy eating it quite as much as I enjoy drinking it. I always add a lemon or lime to the juice, as well, to give it a nice cleansing tang. I love it and could drink an entire watermelon … but I refrain. Don’t worry. I also share, which is the best.
This week in food was very exciting for me .. and LOW in the dessert category, so that is impressive!! I’m so excited to share these recipes with you !!!
What do you think?? What would you like to see up here??

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