raw vegan apple pie
Since I have returned from my fairy tale wedding and honeymoon it has been challenging, to say the least, to get back on track with my documentation of my eats. This is mostly because I’m hardly home and a salad packed into a Tupperware dish is hardly pleasing to the eye or Instagram worthy. So, I’ve been replacing my What I Eat Wednesdays with more of a What I Wish I Was Eating Wednesdays.
It can be quite the challenge to get loved ones on board with any health-centered lifestyle changes you may make and so it’s always tricky trying to make a masterpiece meal that they will love without realizing how clean it is. 
As supportive as family can be, it happens more often than not that they leave you your space “to be” rather than actually incorporate you into family meals. So it is up to you to take charge or else skip a meal. I’ve been known to skip a meal because a family had accidentally used up all the veggies for a chicken dish they made … gone are the days of quietly eating what’s left in the fridge! 
Wow your family and friends with some of these recipes …
Raw Chili Night. I make a pretty killer cooked veggie chili and I make an even better raw version that most people are pretty impressed with. This takes a lot of chopping if you don’t have a fancy food processor with some fancy blades (which I do not) but is TOTALLY worth it in the end. Plus, you have leftovers which only get better with time.
The Plant Powered Kitchen.  I’m excited to try this take on an autumn salad and branch away from my usual detox salad that I make for family members. I’m eyeing it and plan to make it soon. 
Raw Pad Thai. Please excuse my pre-blogging days where I relied heavily on Instagram to display my passions, but this is the only picture I have of this AH-MAZING dish. I made it for my husband and he liked it, and he is no raw foodie by any means. It’s even pretty easy to switch out the kelp noodles and replace with any noodle, and it’s still pretty spectacular.
Apple Pie-lettes. This is so easy and has so few ingredients that it really is such a treat for everyone involved. It tastes amazing, is easy to make, and is such a clean take on the traditional dessert.
Mediterranean Dolma. I’ve never tried Dolma before but I’ve always been intrigued, like a fresh version of a burrito that doesn’t involve collard greens. This looks amazingly delicious and so simple, as well. I’m eager to play with this dish a bit and report back to you when I do.

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