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This week .. oh this week … has been spectacular in the food department. I’ve given in to my biggest desire to just indulge in all of the sweetest fruits and it has been so much fun. I hate that there is a huge stigma against consuming large amounts of fruit … when is nature ever a bad thing??
So I’ve loaded up on fruits and I’ve eaten them freely and I am loving the benefits. My energy has been higher and more sustained, my mood has been more stable, and (warning: menstrual talk) my period was lighter. Okay, I get it if that’s too much information for a complete stranger, but if you’ve ever had a period then you get it.
I haven’t consumed fewer calories by eating mostly fruits and veggies. Actually, I’ve increased my calorie intake and I’ve noticed a boost in my energy as a result. I’ve also noticed increased muscle mass, which was not the intended goal but certainly a welcome surprise (and probably totally shocking to anyone that doubts the raw lifestyle).

I’ve also started a green juice challenge to prepare for my upcoming nuptials where I am consuming at least 32 ounces of green juice a day. I start my day with the juice by sipping on it throughout the morning and then when I am hungry I eat lunch and then a light dinner like I normally would. Whenever I do this I find that my energy levels stoop in the mornings, so to combat this I’ve added.. can you guess? … fruit to go along with the green juice. Problem solved.
I invite you to join me in the challenge! It’s completely unofficial but I thought I’d at least share the fun with you. Maybe also throw in some fruit dishes along with it!
Figgy Tart. Figgy goodness with just the right amount of overt fats. Very simple and so delicious.
Green Juice. I’ve obviously been consuming lots of green juice since I’ve started the green juice challenge. My SO has joined me in the challenge and has had green juice right along with me. We are going to be the most glow-ey couple on our wedding day!
Fruit. One of the best things about living in Miami is that I get to experience a completely different climate than anywhere else in the country. Here I have starfruit, papaya, mango, and mamey. These are more indigenous to the region in that they naturally grow in humid and tropical climates. So I eat them constantly. I ain’t complainin’.

 Starfruit and Coconut. I made a Thai inspired dish that combined starfruit, coconut, and freshly squeezed orange juice. It was delicious and so perfect for the incredibly humid days we’ve been having. Refreshing, filling, and easily digestible.

 Mamey. I could live off of mamey. I’m not even kidding. For those of you that do not have mamey, think of a tropical version of a sweet persimmon.

 Salad. Of course salad has made the list. It’s always some variation of a pound of greens, fresh veggies, some kind of fat, and fruit as well.

Larchmont Bars. I’m so excited to share this with you because it is such a great treat. My SO drools at the opportunity to eat these and I do too. They are perfect energy boosters loaded with healthy fats. They are best used as a sort of fuel for an intense work out where you can burn off the energy. Otherwise, eat sparingly if you can help it.

What do you think?? Let me know if you want to see something in particular up here!


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