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 What a week. That’s about the only way I can sum up this past week. I’m usually a champ at remaining calm and getting things done easily, but this week has just been a super “character-building” week. To be clear, I ain’t complainin’. I’m incredibly grateful for where I’m at and the stressors I’ve dealt with are more like indicators of the success I have as a young adult. And still … what.a.week.

This past week was incredibly simple in the food department and sandwiched in the middle was a surprise bachelorette weekend that was not quite so simple in the food department (yes, homegirl gets down from time to time!). Before that we had to move out of our home for repairs and take our food with us, and then move back in and clean up after the mess. Needless to say I haven’t had time to make anything too spectacular, much less take fancy and artistic photos.

As always, I have a list of excuses for keeping things simple. And every single time this happens I feel totally fine with it because my #1 philosophy behind raw food is this: Keep. It. Simple. You probably don’t have time for a dehydrated pizza crust slathered with a fermented cheeze and sprinkled with a crumbled nut meat topped with marinated veggies … and neither do I. So here is yet another completely realistic view of what a raw foodie eats on a typical day (excluding the bachelorette festivities, of course, where I had vodka and real cheese pizza. no judgement here! ever!)

Mango monomeal. On Saturday I was exhausted. I mean e x h a u s t e d. It was like my body knew I had time to rest and so it just shut me down and made me rest. No questions asked. All I wanted was a bowl of juicy mangoes, my pillow, and Netflix. So I scooped out the flesh of 3 large mangoes, crawled into my fluffy bed, and watched a documentary on Netflix. I don’t care. It was the best 3 hours of my life.

Date logs. I made that name up, I don’t really know what to call them, except that I know they look like logs. I soaked some juicy medjool dates in water and then peeled and pitted them. I whirled them in a food processor, made nondescript shapes and then rolled them in a handful of chopped almonds. A perfect snack for on the go.

Blueberry Coconut Cake. The recipe was so simple and so, so delicious. It was an impromptu dish that took minutes to make.

Turmeric Tahini Dressing. I have a slight addiction to my basic tahini dressing and eat it almost daily. I began to feel a bit ashamed about this addiction and so I tried to disguise it with other flavors. So I added a teaspoon of turmeric to it. And you know what?? IT WAS AMAZING.

Juice on the go. As a true testament to the busy days I’ve been having, here’s a snap of what my food actually looks like in real life. A cup of 3 sliced peaches and a mason jar of green juice. I use my Cuppow lid dutifully and I love it so much that I’m having a GIVEAWAY that ends Friday!! Enter to win 🙂

Arizona Corn Salad. I bought a lot of corn and so obviously I have to use it up. That’s the perfect excuse for my favorite way to have corn.

Green Juice. Hey, remember that unofficial Green Juice Challenge I embarked on a little over a week ago?? Well it’s still going strong and my skin is all glow-ey and my stomach is nice and flat .. wedding ready and more importantly .. HONEYMOON READY!! Wheeee

Is there anything you’d like to see up on WIAW?? Let me know! Have a wonderful week, everyone 🙂


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