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As the heat and humidity has been unrelenting here in Miami I have found myself gravitating more and more to the 801010 lifestyle. I enjoy my fats but juicy fruit is what my body has been craving lately. So I’ve had unreasonable amounts of mango and green juice.
I’ve also had a lot of time in the sun, and I’d like to think that this is an important part of what I’m consuming, as well, as I list out my eats on this WIAW. There are a few things that I notice greatly affect my moods and energy levels:
  • sunshine
  • fat levels
  • green juice vs. green smoothie
  • sleep
  • light exercise
Isn’t it strange how easily I can help boost my mood or energy? I notice when I don’t get enough sunshine I start to get broody and weepy. I sit inside and stare out the window and wonder why I can’t be Out There. Another thing I notice is that when I get too into the throes of an 801010 lifestyle I forget about any fat intake and neglect my beautiful skin and brain cells for a moment. A little bite of coconut or flax or avocado and I’m right back on track.
Oddly, I’ve also noticed that when I drink a green juice in the mornings I am actually sluggish. Weird. My stomach loves it and my skin loves it but my brain loves the green smoothie more. I’ve noticed when I don’t get enough sleep you might as well put a paper bag over my head and put me in the corner … I’m very serious about getting enough sleep. Very serious.
And lastly, when I don’t move my body I get so bored and achey. Like my body is just screaming at me to be used. I don’t mean “let’s run 8 miles and do 1,000 squats” … No. I mean, have I even walked anywhere today?? It’s easy to get caught up in the 9-5 pace (or in my case, 9-9 pace) and so sometimes I forget to honor my body and let it do its thang in the exercise department. Right now I’m loving the Way of Gray workouts. They’re fast, easy to accomplish (though not easy to do!), and very approachable from anywhere. I’m able to get my heart pumping and blood flowing within a matter of minutes. 
But don’t let me bore you with what works for me … I just want YOU to pay attention to what works for you. I can read my body like a very organized instruction manual and so it’s easy to determine what helps me and what hurts me. These are some of my tricks … and some of my eats:

 Raw Almond Joy Bars. If you haven’t checked these out yet then you must do so immediately. I mean, right.now.

 Fruit and Green Juice. This is always a killer combo in my books and the fruit helps keep me satisfied, wholly, when I’m sipping on my green juice. The hubby and I have really been enjoying a liter of green juice throughout the morning along with our fruit.

 Coconut Truffles. Whole, pure, healthy fat and just a touch of bitter chocolate to coat. Can’t wait to share with you guys. It’s the perfect pick-me-up. And your skin will love it too.

 Salad.  As per usual, I’ve had some pretty overflow-ey salads. I’ve been loving the shredded zucchini in my salads. Give it a try before zucchini season is out!

 Green Smoothies. I took a break from green smoothies for awhile because I found that they filled me up too much for my liking. The solution?? Make. Smaller. Smoothies. (duh)

801010 Salads. Like I mentioned up top … I’ve been really enjoying the 801010 approach to my meals. It makes digestion a breeze and is so refreshing in this heat.

Sunshine. I’m not even kidding when I say that I take my overall health very seriously. Sunshine is just as important for consumption as the food you eat. So sit out in the sun for 15 minutes a day and get a nice glow on!

What have you been eating, lately?? Are you enjoying your last months of sunshine? (hopefully there is sunshine where you are!!)


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