As a graduate student I certainly have plenty of assigned readings piled up on my desk but every once in awhile I like to read something a little more satisfying. My internal nerd (or maybe my nerd-self is completely visible) compels me to explore Buddhism. I once took a World Religions class and though I cannot recite almost anything I learned, I can say that ever since then I’ve felt this magnetic pull toward Buddhism. I don’t know what this pull is (maybe it’s the freedom of exploration and understanding) but I figured I’d start acknowledging this pull by satisfying my craving. As per the recommendation of one Dr. Ann Berliner I’ve checked out What the Buddha Taught at my local library. Aside from my textbook reading–and all of my other duties I should be attending to–I’ve devoured the first pages of this book. With a little self-restraint I’ve been reading it chapter by chapter.

So far I’ve found that there’s an incredible amount of satisfaction found in following your yearnings. I don’t know where this will take me because I rarely can predict the future, but I do know that having the space and freedom to indulge my curiosity has had the most profound effect on me in the venue of peace. Maybe it’s the Buddha’s no-nonsense approach to life, or maybe it’s the satisfaction found in self-indulgence, but I find myself a lot more content and peaceful when I allow myself this freedom. Self-growth is essential in fully living and growth cannot happen without a little sunshine, water, and fresh air! Give yourself some space let that inner whoa-man shine!

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