the oil cleansing method
I recently had a friend joke about rubbing coconut oil on someone’s face to purposefully cause acne .. and I thought, “huh?!” This took me by surprise because rubbing oil on my own face has actually calmed my acne.

True story.

When I hit my mid-20s and then went off birth control (and then also, coincidentally, moved to the most humid place in the US) my face did some funny things. I developed acne for the first time and I’ve been working on calming it down since then. I’ve tried many different things to treat it and so I’d like to think I’m an unofficial expert on skin care.

I discovered Eminence products and I’ve loved what they’ve done for my skin. However, they are incredibly expensive and not sustainable for a 20-something budget. Instead, I’ve turned to nature to treat my skin and it has improved significantly.

my favorite organic oil

That’s right: I use oil to treat my acne-prone skin! It’s called The Oil Cleansing Method and it is so simple. Oil dissolves oil and so it is the best way to safely clean your skin. Mainstream products actually dry out your skin and so your skin then, in turn, over produces oil in order to compensate for the dryness. I always thought I had extremely sensitive skin until I started using oil as my face wash and moisturizer (I slather on coconut oil all over my body after I shower). It turns out, the fragrances and chemicals in mainstream products were just irritating my skin whereas natural products glide right on!

It’s very simple and very cost effective. About 14 ounces of my mixture lasts me about 6 months. Yes, the bottle of olive oil I purchase is expensive, but when used strictly for skin care purposes it becomes very cost efficient. In total, a year of face wash costs me about $10-$15.

My evening routine:

  1. I have a mixture of cold-pressed, organic olive oil (very important that it’s good quality oil), castor oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil that I store in an old face wash container. I use one pump and massage it into my skin.
  2. I let it sit on my skin for a few minutes either while I get into the shower or get ready for bed
  3. I then take a warm and damp washcloth and drape it over my face to let the steam do its thang.
  4. I finally wipe everything off with a hot, wet washcloth.
You can follow up with a toner–I love witch hazel–and a moisturizer if needed. The oils pull the toxins out of the skin. It should be a few weeks before you see positive results and don’t be alarmed if at first there is a tiny flare up.

My evening routine is something I LOVE and stand behind 100%. Since I’ve made it a nightly ritual I have seen a wonderful and lasting response in my skin.

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