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The time has come: It’s wedding time.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m getting married and now I am days away from the Big Day. Obviously, I’ll post pictures here when I get some.

In the meantime, I’m combating nerves and excitement as my fiance and I swap ideas for the wedding details and honeymoon adventures. In a way to use up all that nervous energy and prep my body so that it is at its best for the weekend, I’ve added a few things to my usual regimen.

 In other words, I’m getting wedding-ready.

First things first: I just hate that I’m one of those brides that diets before her wedding. But then, I feel like every bride dissociates from them (whomever “they” are) because it’s disappointing to want to change yourself just for one day. But still, I want to go into this wedding knowing that I am happy and healthy, and to me, that doesn’t mean losing the way. No way. I don’t have weight to lose and I’ve embraced my curves thankyouverymuch. But I do want that energy and firm skin that comes with exercise and fresh food.

There. That’s settled.

The main problem is this: I hate working out. Who actually likes it? When it is viewed as a chore it really is not an enjoyable activity. Really. Let me tell you what I do like:

  • yoga
  • hiking
  • playing
  • running
  • walking
  • sitting
  • anything that doesn’t involve a machine
So, as you can see, the fact that I hate working out does not mean that I hate pushing my body. No, I love pushing my body. What I hate is the silly “20-of-these-guys-and-run-to-here-and-there-and-then-come-back-and-do-push-ups-and-then-lift-this-many-pounds-and-then-slam-down-a-heavy-ball-just-to-pick-it-up-and-throw-it-across-the-room…” 
Ugh. To me, working out is more like a moving meditation. I like to do it quietly, on my own, and usually at a slow pace. I can run for miles and miles and hours and hours but it will be by myself and at a 10-minute mile. I can do yoga for days and days but it will be by myself and it will not be good. And you know what? I think that’s pretty damn normal. How many of us are actually Olympic style athletes?? Nope. So what’s the Olympic style workout for anyway??
Next on the wedding-ready-list: Food. I eat a pretty clean diet, to begin with so I didn’t change too much but with this past summer season here in Miami I found myself gravitating more toward a simple, fresh food approach. The sweltering heat and humidity had me craving crisp greens and loads of fruit. Naturally, I found my body craving an 801010 diet.
So how did I prepare for my Big Day?
Easy …
  1. Green Juice
  2. HIIT workouts
  3. 801010 food

How-To: Wedding Ready

Green Juice. Remember this challenge? I’ve been drinking 32 ounces of green juice a day, on top of all my other eats, and it has been great. My body responds nicely to it, my skin seems less angry, and my bloating is minimal. In the past, I loved green juice but always felt so sleepy as I consumed it. I’ve solved this problem by eating a piece of fruit after I finish my juice. This seems to help satisfy me while still getting the benefits of the juice. 

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HIIT workouts. High-Intensity Interval Training. I’m almost ashamed to admit this because I’m a firm believer in treating your body nicely but as far as fat loss goes: this shiz works. I am in pretty decent shape, to begin with but I still had some “skinny girl fluff”** since I’d laid off my running habit since the hurricane season hit here in Miami. (Have you ever tried running 4 miles with a steamy, wet blanket wrapped around your face? That’s what it’s like to run here.)

**skinny girl fluff: you are thin but you are saggy.

It doesn’t matter how many veggies you eat; if you do not work your muscles then you will have fluff.

My favorite part about HIIT workouts is that I can do them during my lunch break at work, in my office, and still have time to eat lunch afterward. The HITT workouts I’ve been using have been from Way of Gray. They have been so incredibly challenging but so approachable at the same time.
Another favorite (and free) HIIT workout inspiration is with Purely Twins. They have listed their favorite reasons to incorporate HIIT workouts into their lives and I couldn’t agree more. The results?
  •  I have noticed definition in places that I didn’t even intend to define
  • My ass has grown noticeably larger (which, as a Standard White Girl is a very good thing)
  • My stomach area has trimmed down (or firmed up?) considerably
  • My favorite result? The saggy saddle bags that you get when you don’t build muscle in your legs have diminished significantly. (Again, I’m serious when I say that no amount of veggies can rid you of these things. You also have to move your body!!)
801010. I’ve written about 801010 before and I tag it frequently on my Instagram but I feel like it deserves yet another mention. I feel so incredible when I strive for an 801010 style day. The more 801010 days I have, the better I feel. Originally I had written that I really missed my fat intake when I tried 801010 but I’ve found that if I still incorporate just a bit of fat while adding more fruits and greens, it’s like an all-natural espresso shot throughout the day. As a result, my mood is better, my sleep is better, my energy is more stable, and my body has found a very happy weight that is not too skinny and definitely not overweight.
That’s my wedding-ready plan.
So if you’re getting married and you’d like a simple and effective game plan, this is what works for me. And please, do not feel discouraged by these different tips. I believe in food and exercise being approachable and so if following this, strictly, is not approachable then don’t! Incorporate what you can and what you like and leave the rest. Any increase in exercise and increase in fresh fruits and veggies have to be a good thing, right?

And if you’re not getting married anytime soon? Then what are you waiting for?? I promise you: incorporating this into your daily habits will change your life. Only you can determine if it’s for the better 🙂
Wish me luck!!

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