how to make lavender oil

Do you have a garden full of lavender that you are just not quite sure what to do with? Or maybe you’re on holiday in lavender country and want to capture the heavenly aroma of the landscape in a little bottle to take home? Harvest those fresh stems or buy out the dried lavender stall at the farmer’s market and learn how to make lavender oil in this step-by-step guide. Turning lavender into a luscious, healing, divinely scented oil infusion is easier than you think ☺️

This recipe can be made with whatever lavender you have on hand; warm-climate Spanish lavender and cool-climate English lavender work just as well.

This oil infusion recipe is easier than making lavender essential oil because it doesn’t require specialized equipment or a massive pile of fresh lavender. All you need is a glass jar with a tight fitting lid, dried lavender flowers and a carrier oil.

This dreamy, homemade oil repels insects, aids relaxation, eases stress and anxiety and even helps heal wounds. Lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties make it the natural go-to cure for calming eczema and itchy skin. The aromatic oil is loved by many as a soothing addition to the bathtub, aromatherapy product, and massage oil. 

Aaaand – bottled in pretty, vintage glass jars, this lavender infused oil makes a thoughtful gift for friends and plant lovers alike. Let’s get started learning how to make your very own homemade lavender oil! 

what is lavender oil?

Lavender infused oil is made by steeping dried lavender buds in a carrier oil for about 4-6 weeks. Most herbalists say that the longer you infuse the oil, the better. It’s important to use dried lavender buds and not fresh, since fresh lavender contains moisture (and often mites) which can contribute to mold growth if you’re not careful.

So where does that heavenly, essence-of-purple smell come from, exactly? The essential oils contained in the lavender flower are the source. These oils are drawn out of the lavender buds as they steep in the carrier oil, infusing it with scent. 

ingredients for making lavender oil

The difference between lavender oil and lavender essential oil is in the process of extracting the aromatic essential oils from the lavender flowers. To make lavender essential oil, the oil contained in the lavender flower is extracted using a process called distillation that requires a huge amount of fresh lavender and produces a small amount of finished essential oil that’s potent and shelf-stable.

Lavender-infused oil is less potent, but makes an amazing homemade product for daily use. To make it, you only need a jar full of lavender buds and a carrier oil like olive oil, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil or jojoba oil. Plus, the jars of purple stems infusing in golden oil are absolutely beautiful! 

homemade lavender oil recipe

You will need dried lavender flowers and lavender buds. If you’re using fresh lavender from your garden, harvest it during the spring before all the lavender buds start blooming.
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  • Take the dried lavender flowers and remove the buds by sliding your fingertips along the stem and collecting them in a bowl.
  • Fill a clean glass jar almost to the top with dried lavender, and then completely cover the lavender stems and buds with a carrier oil of your choice.
  • Place the glass jar in a dark place and let it infuse over an entire moon cycle.
  • Once it has been infused, you can take the jar out and strain the oil into a new container (preferably a dark bottle) with a cheesecloth. Squeeze the extra oil out of the flower buds and recycle them back to the earth.
  • To increase the shelf life of the oil, add a few drops of vitamin E to the strained infusion. 
  • Store your infused oil in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.


Et voila! Here you have a multi-use lavender oil with many health benefits. Check the shelf-life of your carrier oil to determine how long your lavender oil will last. You can extend this medicinal infusion’s shelf life by storing it in the refrigerator. 
Shortcut: Pressed for time? If you want to make lavender oil but can’t wait a full moon cycle, heat your carrier oil on the stove and add the dried lavender flower buds. Simmer without a cover for about 30-45 minutes. Wait for the oil to cool to room temperature before straining.

how to use lavender oil

Lavender is packed with healing benefits! The oil infusino of this wonder-flower boosts the immune system, and helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Lavender oil has also been proven to help with insomnia. One popular folk remedy to help children fall asleep is to take a few drops of the oil and massage it into their feet.

You can make a really pleasant massage oil by infusing dry lavender flowers into extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil. I highly recommend massaging your face, neck and shoulders with lavender oil before bed every night to allow yourself to fully relax and receive its healing benefits. If you have a headache, rub your temples with lavender oil gently and breathe in its calming aroma to soothe it.

Research suggests that lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can also work against insect bites, as well as heal minor cuts and wounds. You can make a special skin and hair care oil by infusing lavender buds in jojoba or argan oil. These oils are light, moisturizing, and easily absorbed by all skin types. Lavender oil is also a gentle, effective make-up remover – just dip a cotton ball in your infusion, and rub gently.

Use your lavender oil to make your own healing skin care products, such as lotions, creams, salves and more. You can use it as a base for a super nourishing homemade body butter. If you don’t have the opportunity to make your own oil, you can buy natural skin care products that are made with lavender essential oil.

cake recipe
Substitute lavender oil for vegetable oil 1:1 in loaf cake recipes for an aromatic, herbal twist on your favorite baked goods.

And yes, it’s edible! If you’re dreaming of lavender cupcakes or baked goods, you can use your oil infusion as long as you use a food-grade, edible carrier oil. Some oils, like argan oil, come in a variety of grades – some for skincare, and some for cooking. Make sure you purchase “food grade” oils if you plant to bake with them. Here are my top recommendations:

how to make lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is made through a steam distillation process, where the oil is separated from the steam and then re-captured as it condenses. It takes a lotttss of lavender to make a few drops of essential oil, and it’s generally much easier to buy your own from an organic shop than to make your own. 

If you’re eager to try, the prize is a highly concentrated oil that infuses lotions, baths, and steams with only a few drops. Check out step by step instructions in our guide for how to make lavender essential oil; it includes a cheater tincture recipe too that’s also strong, but doesn’t require a distiller 😉


What is the best oil to use to make lavender oil?

You can use any carrier oil that you prefer. Olive oil is usually the cheapest, but if you are planning to use your oil to make skin care products, almond oil and jojoba are recommended. Sweet almond oil is good for sensitive skin, including babies. If you are going to use it for cooking, an edible carrier oil like coconut or olive works best. Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. You want to make sure you are using high-quality, organic, unrefined & unprocessed oils, especially when making herbal medicines.

Where to Buy Lavender Oil & Lavender Essential Oil

Ora’s Amazing Body Oil for Women

This body oil is heavenly. It is based of grapeseed, jojoba and apricot oils, infused with the essential oils of lavender, vetiver, and clary sage. Specifically designed for women, this completely moistures and feels blissful for the skin.

Shea Moisture Lavender Bath & Body Massage Oil

Lavender oil massaged into the skin after a bath is the dreamiest mix of presence and serenity. SheaMoisture’s Lavender infused Wild Orchid Extract Body Massage Oil is made to hydrate and leave skin lightly fragranced.

Fabulous Frannie High-Grade Undiluted Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil is perfect for aromatherapy. It is therapeutic-grade and approved for use in massage or spas. This oil is super potent and concentrated in a 10ml bottle.

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil

This is natural & therapeutic grade oil made with both the flowers of Lavandula hybrida & Lavandula angustifolia. These are strains of lavender from France & Bulgaria. It is the best oil for sleep & relaxation. It is delivered with premium quality glass dropper for easier use.

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