raw vegan falafel recipe

This week has been pretty special with different meals. I’ve had an exceptionally high level of stress with work lately and so what do I do?? Head to the kitchen and let off some steam!

Here is what I’ve been playing with this week:

Raw falafel. I’ve been dreaming of it for quite sometime–which is strange since I’ve only ever had raw falafel–and finally made this dream a reality. Check out the easy recipe here.

Green juice. Always a great way to start the day and keeps my energy levels high. And a huge thanks for Cuppow for sending me samples to try out for YOU!

PB cups. Oh man did I enjoy these. They hit the spot every.single.time. Make your own with this super simple recipe.
Fruit. Always. I had a student bring me a bag of very juicy mangoes and I about died. So of course I gobbled them all up.
Carrot Cake. I made some mini carrot cake muffins that I can’t wait to share with you! So cute, delicious, and the perfect serving size.

Zucchini noodles. Sometimes I get tired of salad. It happens. And when that happens I make a huge bowl of zucchini noodles. This way I trick my brain into thinking I’m not actually eat salad … but I am. The possibilities are endless with this and you can dress it with anything you’d like! Here I dressed it with a sauce I made up with blended zucchini, tahini, miso, lemon, water and garlic. Zucchini for days!

Some fancy and some simple. I’m well fed and it definitely helps me deal with high stress levels!

Also, the site has hit a new record this week, along with my Instagram. You all rock. Seriously. Thank you! Maybe a special thank you recipe is in the werks??


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