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For the next couple of Wednesdays I am going to throw tradition out the window and instead present to you some pretty delicious recipes from around the internet. I’ve scouted out some recipes that I think YOU will love and also some recipes I could see myself incorporating into my own kitchen.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering where I’m at (instead of melting away in my kitchen as I experiment with the latest variation of heaven-on-a-plate ..) I’m off getting married ..

Enjoy these beautiful photos and recipes! Let me know what you think … xo

My New Roots. This Purple Power Salad is seriously drool-worthy. I feel like it is in my near future and I may even through some extra goodies in there. I love salads like that, so many possibilities and colors. Check out her entire site for so many delicious recipes.

Sweetly Raw. Every aspiring raw foodie has undoubtedly stumbled across Heather’s page and discovered her limitless recipes that are borderline dangerous with how delicious they look. This recipe is her signature Caramel Apple Swirl Cheesecake manifested as cupcakes. What more could a girl ask for??

Eating Vibrantly. I’m from California so just by association I feel like there is a previous version of myself was involved in Mexican culture .. somehow .. at least that’s how I feel whenever I think about the Mexican culture. Anyway, I digress … check out this epic Taco Salad. It’s a bit heavy on the fats for my liking but I feel like it’s got so many good things going on that I’m sure it’s to die for.

Simply Dish. These Cocomo Bars are so similar to my Almond Joy Bars and as I recall those were amazing .. so automatically, I’m intrigued by these Cocomo Bars. They are simple and approachable. Check them out and see if you can fit some into your kitchen schedule.

Lunchbox Love. You don’t need fancy tools or ingredients in order to make a spectacular dish and that’s exactly what this is. Unbelievably simple ingredients is something I believe in and so these Fresh Spring Rolls are something I need to check out, asap.

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