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Last week I was off getting married and this week I’m off honeymooning so it’s a little difficult to snap pics of my food and post them here (understandably so). Though I have to be honest with you … It’s usually very easy for me to stay raw as I travel. Raw foods are transportable and cheap when you keep it simple (i.e. my favorite plane food is a pound of grapes. It satisfies me and keeps things regular).

This travel time, however, I did not stick to the usual raw foods. I spent some time in LA so I expected myself to go completely crazy at all the Raw Restaurants ... but after one raw meal at Cafe Gratitude I realized I couldn’t do it. The gourmet raw meals in a lot of LA based restaurants are just so heavy in the nuts and seeds that I usually feel more nauseated than satisfied. Not to mention Juliano’s Raw is MIA and no longer in Santa Monica, and Euphoria Loves Rawvolution now has a “Grade B” kitchen … I don’t know what’s happening. The restaurants have lost their mojo.

Anyway, so I ate a lot of cooked food. Urth Caffe has a lot of excellent vegan options and I even convinced my hubby to trek over to Melrose to try out a new restaurant called Crossroads (which was SO delicious, even the hubs said he’d bring people there, but also SO overpriced).

So I did my thang in the cooked world and I’m feeling less than stellar but totally rebellious. That’s the freedom of my own lifestyle philosophy that I love. I don’t feel bad about this decision, but my body does feel badly and I can honor that and appreciate that. Do YOU!

Here are some recipes I plan to make STAT when I come down from my wedding high …

I am loving this Mango Peach Cobbler from Spiced Blueberry Shake. I hear it’s Fall all over the Northern Hemisphere and while it’s still pretty damn hot and muggy here in Miami, I think this cobbler is a great nod to the season change. It also uses mango .. which, if you know anything about me then you know it’s the only reason I stick around this city.

An Apple Avocado soup sounds so divine right now. Lisa Viger from Raw on 10 not only gives you this delicious recipe but also debunks the myth that raw food is expensive (a myth that personally breaks my heart).

Anything that combines fruit and coconut is right up my alley. These bars look super easy and packed with all kinds of good-for-you fats and nutrition. Simply Dish is a pretty neat blog with a wide variety of foods .. and I’ve got my eyes on many of them!


Oh, and I’m dying to share something with you. Check out this picture from the wedding .. My photographer is amazing and if you’re in the Central Valley area of California then definitely check her out.

Peppermint Plum Photography

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