While trying to decipher my To-Do list and figure out exactly what to do, I found myself browsing the internet for more recipes. I’ve come to accept the fact that I will forever bookmark the most intriguing recipes without actually making a good portion of them. Upon my browsing on this particular day I came across one of the most exciting Vegan food blogs, to date: Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!


Not only do the recipes look enticing and delicious, and for the most part, manageable, this author also has a sense of writing style that I am just falling in love with. The sense of humor, the grandeur, but also the I’m-not-too-cool-to-admit-this-one-gave-me-the-shits demeanor is just divine. I may read this blog religiously just to occupy my “what to do with my To-Do list” days.

Happy readings!

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