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So you’re new to raw food, eh? But you aren’t that big a fan of eating raw bell pepper and carrot sticks dipped in blended zucchini? (oh my gosh, me neither, and I totally did that when I first started .. ew).

Transitioning into this lifestyle, or even incorporating more raw foods into your life, can be quite the challenge. Almost everything we know about food includes some kind of cooking and so the first thing our minds go to when we think “raw” is spears of crunchy celery and bell pepper and carrots.

But that, my friends, is a sad way to eat your veggies.

Instead, why don’t you fancy yourself with some avocado pudding or beet ravioli, paired with a fabulous salad topped with a tahini miso dressing?? Oh yeah. This lifestyle rocks and is abundant in food and creativity. So I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 recipes every raw foodie should master.

I was actually inspired to make this list when I came across this post by Kiersten over at Oh My Veggies and I thought it was a fantastic idea. So, I decided to do a raw version. She is absolutely right that there is a set of recipes that every vegetarian should know and love. The same holds true for every raw foodie.

So here you go, pictures and all. And, as a disclaimer .. some of these pics are bad. I mean, bad. The only record I have of them is my pre-blogging days when I tried to be creative with my phone and Instagram. I’m so, so truly, deeply mortified sorry.

1. Zucchini Noodles 

There are two sizes that are integral for fancifying your kitchen: teeny tiny and regular. I am digging the teeny tiny size right now, which pairs well with raw beet marinara and regular sized noodles pair exceptionally well with a traditional marinara sauce.

2. Kale Chips 

Don’t get caught paying an arm and a leg for a measly 6 ounce bag of overpriced kale chips at the store. Make your own.

3. Banana Smoothie 

For some reason bananas have become the raw foodie spokesperson. I’m not sure how Banana Land feels about it but I love it! Here is what I do:

  • 2-3 uber ripe bananas
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 1 cup water

Blend everything up in a high speed blender. So easy and such a critical staple in the diet (I don’t know why, but I swear it is!).

4. Raw Lasagna 

Everyone has their own version of a raw lasagna, and here’s mine. It’s delicious, it’s booming with flavor, it’s easy, and it’s SO approved. Once you get the trick of draining your sauces and noodles down then it even holds up well, too.

5. Tahini Miso Dressing 

I use this dressing almost every day. It is creamy, earthy, tangy and everything that is right in the world. It pairs well with roasted veggies, it is nice tossed with cooked grains, it compliments the creaminess of an avocado, and it makes any bed of greens drool-worthy. I make it all the time and I often make mini variations, if I’m feeling a bit adventurous, by adding turmeric or garlic or curry or rosemary, etc.

Big *cringe* at this pic

6. Raw Granola 

My basic chocolate granola recipe is a killer one and really works best with a dehydrator. I have no regrets about this recipe and I’m obsessed with it. It is perfectly crispy and crunchy, has the wonderful nutty flavor of the buckwheat, and is relatively low in fat compared to other raw granolas. It also is amazingly delicious and chocolatey so it serves as both a breakfast and a dessert (as per usual on this blog).

7. Green Juice 

Green juice is a staple. It’s a great way to start the day and is my preferred breakfast. It’s filling, refreshing, and energizing (when you have enough). I make an enormous batch and then sip on it all morning. Then I wait for the stomach growls of the afternoon to begin eating and feel completely satisfied all throughout the day. It’s a game changer and I recommend you find a combo you love.

8. Raw Brownies 

I feel like this kind of recipe is really what gets us to stick around this lifestyle in the beginning. And if you make this, then you will see why. It’s undeniably good, yet packed with good-for-you fats. It’s an incredible little package of health but also a moan-worthy treat.

9. Raw Chili 

This is a little bit less traditional but there are tons of recipes out there, floating around. This is my favorite and I make it with pride and just love it. Everyone I share it with is amazed at how it resembles regular chili so much, except for the fact that I serve it cold. It’s so good, so flavorful, and a sneaky way to get a ton of veggies in.

10. Red Beet Ravioli 

This is not a standard meal by any means but it truly is a delicious and simple meal that is worth knowing. Why? Because when you first go raw all your friends and family will look at you like you’re crazy and refuse to eat anything you make. Then you will whip this out and immediately have their attention.

Can you see the budding creativity?!!

11. Superfood Balls 

There are a TON of superfood ball recipes out there but they mostly end up tasting like a nutty, mushy, cinnamon bite. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I just need something spectacular. This version is my favorite and I made it up based on something I had tasted from a store years ago. It’s a win and usually anyone that tries it loves it as well.

12. Avocado Pudding 

Avocado and chocolate seem like an unlikely mix but I feel like it’s the first recipe most raw foodies try. Unfortunately, if you don’t get it right it can be pretty funky. (I still remember the looks on my friend’s face when she took a taste of my first-ever batch .. ) I’ve finally mastered it and I think it’s time you do too.

13. Chia Pudding Bowl 

Chia seeds are the neatest little things and make for a creamy and indulgent bowl of goodness. They are especially helpful when you first go raw because they are quite filling. Usually, the transition is an odd one because the sensation of being satisfied and not stuffed is a new one, so it gets confusing trying to figure out where your true hungry actually lies. These little guys fill you up and satisfy you.

14. Superfood Nut BarS (AKA Larchmont Bars) 

There are so many bar recipes out there and it’s important to find your own. I like mine a little bit different than most because I like it chunky. I also like it with a layer of chocolate, but who is keeping score?? If you don’t want the chocolate then leave it out and you’ve got a fantastic bundle of energy.

You can use the raw cheesecake base to make pretty much any dessert dream come true. Pictured is my passionfruit cheesecake, using the same base I use for all of my vegan cheesecake creations.

15. Raw Cheesecake Base 

A standard raw cheesecake recipe is  necessary in a raw kitchen so you always have something to build from. I love adding layers and colors  and flavors to mine.

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  1. Aw thank you! I like to look at that cheesecake as a sort of representation of the progress I've made in food photography.. I've gone a long ways and I have further to go still, but boy these pictures were quite the reminder 🙂

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