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I’ve had quite a few requests to bring this series back and so here it is! I’m very excited for it, as well, because I think it really speaks to the whole blogging-community-thing .. right? Sharing is caring and if you can gain inspiration from my site then rock your pretty little self on and be inspired! 

Even though I’m so excited to bring this series back to life I’m also a bit sad about this post for two reasons.

  1. I am working on some cute graphics to help fancify the WIAW series and I made them last night after a long day of work but was too tired to apply it to this particular WIAW. So I’ll just have to wait until next Wednesday to let it make its debut.
  2. I have had an odd appetite lately. Almost no appetite actually. Food doesn’t sound appealing to me right now and salads sound like way too much work. I hardly recognize myself. I’ve been drinking juice, hoping to glean some nutrition, and forcing myself to eat lots of fruit for calories. At night I stuff myself as much as I can handle with the only meal that sounds good to me: massaged kale and roasted sweet potato. I think this is one huge part why I’ve paused the WIAW series because I really don’t have anything interesting to post! I think it’d be pretty boring to say “today I had a green juice and three peaches” … who eats like that?!
So, please be patient with me. 
In the meantime, here’s an honest glimpse into a busy girl’s life. 

Red Pepper Smoothie. This is a recycled picture but this is something I love. I purposefully made it this morning to get more veggies into my body since I’ve been eating mostly fruit. This has freshly squeeze orange juice, red bell pepper, frozen strawberries and cucumber. So, so good. I love it so much!

 Clementine juice with strawberries. I love citrus season and every week I buy a box of clementines. Then, on the lucky morning that I decide to juice them, I get an entire liter of clementine juice that I then blend with a pint of strawberries (with green tops). So freakin’ delicious.

 Vanilla Avo Pudding with Berries. I made this again this past week and it was delicious, as usual. It’s an excellent way to get fiber and fat into your diet without the over-consumption of nuts and seeds. I’ll have the recipe up soon! Check back for it 🙂

 Vanilla Custard Tart with Blueberries. Another creation I made this week and a recipe that I will be posting soon. The nutty base layer is covered in a vanilla cream custard and topped with fresh berries .. mm mmm.

Raw Cacao Orange Cake I have had zero issues with having an appetite for this. So freakin’ good. It’s easy to make and relatively low in fat for a raw dessert. I could eat the entire thing in a sitting if I let myself!
Green Juice. This is a recycled picture but something I’ve been consuming on the daily. I’m cramming myself with nutrients in as efficient a way as possible and this seems to do the trick. I sip on anywhere from 32 oz to 64 oz throughout the day. Then when I’m hungry again I have some fruit. It’s been really helpful keeping my energy and spirits up!
Life Changing Bread by My New Roots. I also made this bread this week. So, so good. It’s so easy, so tasty, and flour-free. I can hardly eat it because it is SO filling and swells up in your belly (in a good way) but the bites that I do take feel pretty damn good. My SO has been trying to gain weight lately (isn’t that adorable??) and this is what prompted me to make this bread. He’s been scarfing it down and singing its praises for how good it is and how filling it is. He likes his bread with raw honey. I like it by the handful.
And there it is: a week of eating in my real raw kitchen.
Any recommendations on what to make this upcoming week?? I’d love to hear from ya!

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  1. That Red Pepper Smoothie is a must try. I love red peppers fresh and raw (eat them as snacks mostly) and this smoothie must be amazing. Then there's the bread. I love non-flour breads. After years of trying to limit bad carbs, flour free raw breads just appeal to my 'good for me' sense and I just gorge on them like I'm eating a salad.
    Such great recipe ideas. Thanks!!!

  2. Yes, I highly recommend the smoothie. It is by far one of my favorite smoothies packed with so many good things. It also doesn't weigh you down with nut butters or bananas so it's nice for digestion as well! And that bread is truly a masterpiece. It's a game changer in the bread department 🙂

  3. Those all look fantastically colorful, and so healthy! Can't wait to see the blueberry tart post, it's beautiful! I'm also fascinated that you can include the green strawberry tops in smoothies. Thanks for sharing – I'm so inspired.

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